French Enamel Kingfisher Pin

Plante Jewelers

The exotic kingfisher bird is exquisitely captured with colorful French enamel is this sterling silver pin.  The plumage of the kingfisher has been rendered in hues of blue, teal, and striking gold.  Two different techniques of enamel work, "basse taille" and "champleve", have been employed to create the details of this exquisite bird.  "Basse taille" involves the process of pouring molten glass over a pattern carved into silver, resulting in a textured appearance once the glass is fired, like the kingfisher's large wing.  "Champleve" is the process of applying layers of smooth molten glass over a recessed area, as seen in the areas of white.  The kingfisher is finished with a gleaming diamond eye, allowing him to catch his prey!

The pin has a traditional pin stem and catch, and measures two inches in length, from the tip of the beak to the tip of the tail.  The silver has a rhodium finish, so it will never tarnish.

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