Custom Designs

At Plante Jewelers, we specialize in custom designed jewelry. Take a look at the photos below to get an idea of just some of the work we have done.

What can we make for you?

Our customer wanted her engagement ring and wedding band to be combined into a single wide ring. We took the diamonds from her two rings, added more diamonds, and made her a gorgeous diamond ring.

This customer had a brooch containing several diamonds, and she wanted a vintage style necklace.

While watching a movie, this customer was taken by an Art Deco style ring worn by one of the characters, and asked us to make one for him.

You can see what the piece will look like before it's created.

Here is a photograph-like CAD rendering of  a ring design.

This is a photo of the finished diamond ring.

This is a hand-drawn design for a detailed colored gemstone ring.

This is a photo of the finished ring, set with a pink tourmaline and accented by emeralds.

How do we make custom designed jewelry?

Some jewelry is hand fabricated.

Here our jeweler, Mike, is shaping parts for a custom made pendant.

He  prepares to solder parts together.

Mike has set the gemstones to finish the one-of-a-kind piece.

Another option is using Computer Aided Design (CAD).

Our customer wanted a brooch in the shape of an octopus, made with gemstones she already had.  This is a photograph-like CAD rendering of the customer's idea.

A wax model was created using Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM).  This allowed the customer to approve the design.

Here is a photograph of the finished custom-designed brooch.

You can design your next ring, right here in our store!

Spend some time looking at design possibilities on our in-house CAD system.

See your design in 3-D, and try different combinations of gemstone size, shank style, width, and many other details.

You can even see what your ring will look like on a "virtual" hand.

Here are examples of our custom design projects


Before: Our customer was taken with this unusual flower-faceted green tourmaline, and asked us to design a ring for her. After: Here is the final ring.


Before: many customers have pieces of jewelry that they no longer wear, that contain diamonds.

After: this is one example of a ring that we made using a customer's diamonds.

Before:  our customer had a vintage style, emerald and diamond ring.

After: she requested a contemporary design, using the diamonds from her original ring.

Before: Our customer brought us her husband's diamond ring.  He had passed away, and she wanted a necklace to wear every day as a remembrance of him.

After:  We used the square top of the ring with the diamonds. We made a frame for the square, and mounted it on the diagonal. Our customer purchased a diamond chain that perfectly complements the pendant.

After:  The yellow gold shank portion of the ring remained.  We built a special gold box to fit the space at the top of the ring, had a black onyx gemstone cut to fit, and set a diamond in the center to make a ring for our customer's great nephew.

Here is a wonderful example of using the gemstones that you have, to make a new ring that you love.   Before: the customer wanted to use the diamonds from her original engagement ring.

After: she asked us to make a right-hand ring in an updated design.

After:  this photo shows the side view of the new ring.  Our customer asked us to add  two garnet gemstones, one on each side of the ring, because garnet is her daughter's birthstone.

Our customers wanted a custom designed brooch in the form of a spider and a web.  They wanted the two pieces to be able to be worn together or separately.  Pam made this sketch and they approved it.

The design was rendered in CAD and the customers were able to see a photograph-like image of what the brooch would look like.

The finished brooch !

Before:a diamond set in yellow gold.

After: Sometimes, simply resetting a gemstone into a ready-made mounting can give dramatic results! This marquise shape diamond gets a whole new look as a white gold pendant.