Gemstone Roundtable

Join the Gemstone Roundtable at Plante Jewelers!

Plante Jewelers’ Gemstone Roundtable is pleased to present the opportunity to get up close and personal with fascinating gemstones from all around the world. Most people will never get to see gemstones like these, making this a one-of-a-kind event!


What is a Gemstone Roundtable?

A Gemstone Roundtable is an opportunity to come to a party at a jewelry store and learn about the world of gemstones. It’s a memorable learning and buying experience.

Each Roundtable is limited to 12 guests. A variety of gorgeous gemstones — more than 100 — are passed around the table during the event. Guests can learn about the gems, handle and examine them — and of course, buy them!

Although the gems are world-class, the event itself is fun and relaxed. Delicious finger foods and festive drinks are served, and guests can admire and “play” with their favorite gems. Our lapidary, facetor, and gem dealer John Bradshaw tells about the origin, phenomena, and lore of each gemstone. Travel the world through John's stories of his experiences sourcing gemstones all around the globe.

Choose Your Favorite Gems

You might fall in love! Once you have chosen your favorites, it’s time to plan how you will set them. Our staff here at Plante Jewelers can help you visualize a custom setting to show off your one-of-a-kind gem.

About John J. Bradshaw

John J. Bradshaw has a background in chemistry and was working as an epoxy chemist when he took up faceting in 1979. A short time later, he gave up his chemist's job to become a full-time lapidary. He held the position of Curator of Gemstones at Harvard Mineralogical Museum for twenty years.

John is a facetor and dealer of a wide variety of gems, from jewelry-type stones to soft, difficult-to-cut collector's gems. He is a consultant on a worldwide basis to gem dealers, collectors, investors, and mining companies. A speaker on gemology and faceting, John has written many articles for gemological and lapidary publications. He is always on the go, traveling the world, from Sri Lanka to Hong Kong to Tasmania. He also sources beautiful gemstones from America!

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