Ruggedly Handsome Silver Bracelet

Plante Jewelers

The clap of his steed's mighty hooves broke through the silence of the still night.  As he reached the stony crest of the hill, he abruptly pulled to a stop, surveying the landscape below.  Below was his betrothed, waiting for his arrival.  As his muscled arm reached out to grasp the grainy leather of the rein, a moon beam peered out from a drifting cloud and caught the sheen of something glistening on his wrist.

A bracelet.  Hewn from precious silver, with darkened recesses and a modern, flat profile.  He wore it everywhere.  A gift from his true love.  Purchased at Plante Jewelers.



Our sturdy bracelet is crafted in sterling silver, with a satin texture and oxidized details. The bracelet is a curb-link style, with flat oval links that are finished with a large, easy-to-maneuver clasp.  The bracelet measures just under 1/2 of an inch wide, and 9 1/4 inches long.  It can be shortened, if needed, by removing links.  The silver has a rhodium finish, so the bracelet will not tarnish.

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