For over 120 years, A.JAFFE has been creating designer wedding bands, engagement rings, and fine jewelry to celebrate life's most romantic moments. It takes up to 80 hours to create a single A.JAFFE ring; all A.JAFFE jewelry is made with meticulous attention to detail. As a Plante Jewelers customer, you can get your very own exclusive, custom-designed pieces and modified designs.

You can see and feel the craftsmanship in A.JAFFE’s exceptional work. All gold pieces are made using palladium as an alloy instead of nickel. This prevents possible allergic reactions and brings out a whiter appearance in white gold pieces. Each design can also be made in platinum, which is the purest of all precious metals. No matter which metal you choose, their technologically advanced casting process ensures that A.JAFFE’s exquisite diamond jewelry holds up beautifully to normal wear, cleaning, and refinishing. Even the tiniest diamonds are proportioned and polished to perfection, ensuring that your ring will be amazingly beautiful for years to come.

Visit us for classic and stylish contemporary engagement rings and wedding bands by A.JAFFE.