This is our collection of rings, for engagement, and for all occasions.

Rings are the most personal of all jewelry. You may wear a ring on your finger every single day. You come to (literally) know it like the back of your hand.

Even more so than other jewelry, rings often symbolize relationships and special events. They are likely to be passed down for decades as family heirlooms.

And rings can also be worn just for fashion and fun!

Engagement rings are most traditionally crafted from varieties of gold and platinum, with a diamond, ruby, sapphire or other precious gem set into it. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of call for unusual varieties of gemstones in people’s rings. Pink and yellow sapphires, color-changing alexandrites, black diamonds. 

Other times, customers will come to us because they want an engagement ring designed or redesigned. Older rings inherited from relatives may or may not match our personal style, and so, rather than letting these precious objects stay locked away from sight in a jewelry box, we update them for style and carry the new memories with us.

Apart from engagement rings, we’ve also seen many customers looking for birthstone rings. Finding the birthstone that represents you, and knowing about the symbolism of it, can be a lot of fun for customers. These rings can also sometimes be passed down from generation to generation.

Of course, you don't have to wear your birthstone.  Wear a color that makes you happy, or a gemstone that has personal meaning. You can also combine gems in a single ring. Diamonds are most often used as an accent, but you can choose a contrasting or coordinating gem for your own creative look.

Below you can find a collection of our beautiful and unique rings, including engagement rings. It's fun to browse here online -- and even more fun to try rings on in person!

-Pierre and Nancy Plante - Plante Jewelers 
A Jewelry Store in SouthCoast MA