Our Designers

Thea Izzi

An award-winning jeweler, Thea has been designing and creating jewelry since 1991. Thea is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design (BFA 1991) and through the years, she has designed jewelry for well-known brands including Isaac Mizrahi and Swarovski.

In 1998, Thea was awarded the prestigious Fulbright Grant to explore the Divine Feminine in Painting and Sculpture in Florence, Italy. This concept includes the essence of a woman's quiet strength, wisdom and nurturing qualities that still influence Thea's design sense to this day.

Dance and music are a big part of Thea's life outside her studio.

Her current collection is handmade using 22K Gold fused with Sterling Silver, adding a luminous glow from interior spaces, which you will appreciate as the piece moves and catches the light when you wear it.

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Thea and her son now call Rhode Island home, where she works in her studio located in Hope Artiste Village.

"I want my jewelry to inspire courage, beauty, and joy in the women who wear it."


Each Wear Ever Jewelry piece is a unique, handmade item of personal adornment. I use the lasting materials of gold, silver, enamel, and gemstones in carefully crafted designs that you will enjoy wearing for years to come. 

Exhilarated by beauty in the natural world, I express my inspirations through a variety of techniques, including enameling and granulation. Enameling is the art of fusing glass to metal through heat. Granulation is the ancient craft of fusing tiny spheres of metal onto a backsheet to create interesting patterns. Virtually all designs are finished in settings of sterling silver, 22k gold, and/or 18k gold, and may be enhanced with natural gemstones.

I received my BFA from University of Tennessee and my MA in Studio Art (jewelry/metals) from New Jersey City University. I exhibit my jewelry in juried craft shows and galleries and teach classes across the United States. My work has been honored in the Saul Bell Design Awards, Niche Awards, MJSA Vision Awards, Halstead Bead Jewelry Design Business Development Grant, and Designer Jewelry Showcase. Also, you may have seen my work published in "Art Jewelry," "Lapidary Journal," and "Inside Jersey" magazines.


Tom Kruskal graduated from Harvard University with a degree in design.  He works in the highest quality precious metals, exploring linear forms in space.  The ancient appeal of forged metal is grounded in simple forms that are light yet strong  -- the essence of wearability.

Tom collaborated for twelve years with sculptor Dmitri Hadzi in the construction of major sculptural fountains that reach several stories in height.  A talented musician, Tom plays several different instruments.  His jewelry studio is located in Massachusetts.

“My goal is to create designs that are full of movement and grace – a compliment to the wearer’s spirit.”


 Deborah Richardson designs and fabricates her jewelry in her studio in Concord, MA.  She uses the techniques of forging, raising, peening, milling and soldering sterling silver, 14 karat gold and goldfilled wire and sheet.  She works the cold, hard metals into visually soft and fluid ornaments to wear.

"My work has a simple elegance that complements the contours of the body. Grace and lyricism are woven throughout my collection. To make my living doing something I am passionate about, is a gift."


Chi Galatea Huynh is a painter, poet, humanitarian… and the creative force behind Galatea: Jewelry by Artist. He apprenticed with his father, one of Vietnam’s most respected jewelers, and founded Galatea in 1994.

Chi sees the beauty of nature all around him and uses it to take precious materials to unimagined heights.  He has patented a new pearl culturing process, and has created the DaVinChi TM  Cut to allow gemstones to absorb colors and light.  Every piece of Galatea jewelry is imbued with the spirit of its creator, Chi Galatea Huynh.

“Every collection shares a story from the heart – a story of love that celebrates life’s many journeys.”


Susan Mahlstedt has always been interested in both nature and architecture, and particularly in how they can work together.  Solving technical challenges in order to create the look and vision she wants keeps Susan constantly intrigued.  She enjoys fabricating with metals and uses many techniques such as hand saw piercing, roller embossing, hammer texturing, and surface drilling to suggest a night sky or landscape.  Often the interior of the piece is layered to create dimension and contrast in metal color and finishes.

"My jewelry expresses the peaceful and ethereal qualities of nature. A small respite for the wearer in her everyday busy life."


With a career in jewelry design spanning almost 20 years, one could say that Leah’s fascination with these tiny bits of stone, metal, and pearl began when she was very young. As the years progressed, Leah made it her educational goal to learn all she could about jewelry-making.   The educational experience of obtaining her BFA in Design, with a concentration of Jewelry/Metalsmithing, along with her eye for detail, allow her to successfully design jewelry with her customers in mind – with consideration for comfort, wearability, and aesthetic beauty.

Currently, Leah utilizes her in-home studio to create her designs under the watchful eye of her two feline companions who keep a close watch over any gem or pearl that goes astray.