Necklaces And Pendants

Necklaces and pendants come in many different designs. They can be personally meaningful or express a fun fashion statement. We find our favorite necklaces are the ones that identify us in some way, a visual expression of who we are.

In folklore, necklaces were supposed to heighten and attract love, which is why they were kept close to the heart. Whatever the true reason for their creation, necklaces have been around since prehistoric times, and have been worn as a decoration or symbol in almost every culture.

The earliest necklaces were made of beads and stones, but by several thousand years BC, the first gold necklaces were created.

Choosing the right necklace length

The easiest way to figure out the best necklace length for you is to use the length of the necklace you wear most often.

You’ll also want to pick the right necklace type for your neck. A choker-style necklace can look very flattering on a long neck, but if your neck is shorter, you might opt for something 20-24 inches long.

Face shape is also an option to consider. Oval faces should opt for long necklaces, while heart shaped faces may look better with shorter chains.

Finally, you consider the clothing you will wear your necklace with, and how a necklace or pendant will complement it.

That said, it’s all personal. These are just guidelines to help you make a decision you’re happy with. We have many options below. What’s most important is for you to find the necklace that most appeals to you!

-Pierre and Nancy Plante - Plante Jewelers
A Jewelry Store in SouthCoast MA