Pierre Plante: Your Diamond Decision Coach

Learn how to choose a beautiful diamond at Pierre's Diamond Workshop!

Determining how well a diamond sparkles is the most important skill that you can learn before you buy a diamond. The workshop will give you the confidence you need to choose a diamond that is perfect for you!

Stop in for a private Diamond Workshop!  If you have any questions, you can email Pierre at

You want the perfect diamond. You have some ideas.

Now all you need is a helpful guide, so that you end up with the perfect diamond – for you.

When you bring your ideas and wishes to us, the first thing we will do is understand what you already have in mind.

For example, you might say:

"How do I know that I’m getting a good diamond?"

“I want the most beautiful diamond I can have for my budget of $5000.”

“My diamond has to sparkle. That’s really important to me.”

If you want a diamond that really sparkles, we will show you how to look at a diamond with this in mind. We’ll teach you a skill set, one that will help you determine which diamonds sparkle more. You’ll also see how color and clarity fit into the picture. You can apply your new skill not only to the diamonds we show you, but diamonds that anyone shows you.

We discover what you want, teach you a few things that will really help you, and then we will help you discover your own perfect diamond. We’ll focus on whatever you want to do; however you want to do it. After all, it’s your diamond and you want to be happy with it for the rest of your life.

The 4C's: Just the beginning. What comes next?

Color, clarity, cut and carat are the four attributes of a diamond that determine rarity and value.

With all of the possibilities, how do you know what a beautiful diamond looks like? Would you like to find out?

Learning the 4C's is a textbook experience. After you have acquired that knowledge, you’ll need a “hands-on experience” to apply your knowledge. We'll guide you as you look at our carefully selected loose demonstration diamonds and discover all of the beautiful potential that a diamond has to offer.

  • Would you like to see the kaleidoscope of rainbow colored light radiating from a perfectly cut diamond?
  • Would you prefer the appearance of your diamond to be icy white or to have a subtle warm color?
  • Would a lack of inclusions interest you or does the fingerprint of a diamond that was created millions of years ago intrigue you?
  • Have you wondered if you can afford a truly beautiful diamond?

Discovering the beauty of diamonds is a fun and interactive experience at Plante Jewelers. Our offer is to help you figure out what is important. It’s a good time to ask questions. If you aren't sure what to ask, we'll help you.

Think of us as your personal guide.    

Whatever your preferences, you will be able to determine what you think a beautiful diamond looks like and choose the one that fits your budget. (You can read about the 4C’s and other important information provided by GIA by following the links below and watch the Gemological Institute of America’s video here.)

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