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Hi, I’m Pierre Plante. Together with my wife Nancy, we are the third generation and creative team of jewelry designers to continue the business that my grandfather Arthur Plante started in 1905.

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Today along with our staff we find ourselves coming full circle back to my grandfather’s vision for the business. We utilize custom design software to make jewelry in ways that he could never have imagined. But his guidance on customer service will always be foremost on our minds. Arthur’s dedication to his craft is a daily reminder of how we serve our customers and create the heirlooms of tomorrow.

At the age of 21, Arthur began his business doing work for the trade -- making jewelry, setting gemstones, repairing watches and jewelry, and excelling in hand engraving.

In the early 1900’s, Arthur’s shop was located on the second floor of the historic Academy Building in Fall River, MA. Arthur taught his two sons about customer service by reminding them that customers had to climb two flights of stairs to get to the shop, and when they arrived, the boys had better make sure that they were well taken care of.

Arthur’s two sons, Gaston and Andre, worked with their father as jeweler, watchmaker, and gemologist. In 1967 they focused their efforts on selling diamonds and fine jewelry in a new modern store while continuing the service that they had become so well known for.

In 1981 I joined my dad, Andre, and my Uncle Gaston in the business. I had just received my BFA in sculpture, and had studied jewelry fabrication, casting, gemstone setting and gemology. Having the hands-on experience of making and repairing jewelry, combined with an in-depth knowledge of fabrication, has been instrumental in being able to provide high-quality jewelry to our customers.

My wife Nancy, who also has a BFA, joined our business in 1996. After all the years of men running the business, she brings a woman’s touch and offers her skills in accounting, display, marketing and personal service.




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