These colored gemstones represent just a small part of our unique collection. Our family-owned jewelry store may sit in the little town of Swansea, MA, but we have played host to incredible treasures from all around the world.

Each gem is a miniature piece of art in itself that can be worn and enjoyed for a lifetime. This is a sampling of what we can show you in our store.

If you have a special request, we will be happy to find the perfect precious gem for you.

     An amazing blue sapphire, 6.08ct oval shape with medium-deep color and  very lively appearance.   This rare gemstone has a known origin of Sri Lanka, $15,450.

     1.37ct oval genuine pink sapphire gemstone



    1.37ct oval genuine pink sapphire gemstone, untreated, with medium-deep pink-purple color.  This gemstone has a GIA report. $1895.


     4.07ct untreated Hessonite Garnet from Sri Lanka, $1895.




    4.07ct untreated Hessonite Garnet from Sri Lanka, $1895.


    This 7.62ct. blue topaz, polished by award-winning lapidary Chris Wolfsberg,has a unique medium blue color. It has a fancy trilliant cut, $795.


     1.76ct oval genuine blue sapphire gemstone with a lively appearance, $2595.


    4.79ct oval, native cut genuine opal gemstone with white body color and orange, yellow, and green  "harlequin" play of color.

    From Ethiopia, $2000.



    7.76ct fancy rectangular cushion cut genuine amethyst gemstone polished by award-winning lapidary Chris Wolfsberg. 

    The gemstone has half-round cutouts in the sides and concave facets in the pavilion that create a burst of light. $795.