Services - Dartmouth


    Cleaning and Inspection

    • Cleaning and inspection of your jewelry is always provided without charge, while you wait.
    • We will check your gemstones to make sure that they are secure in their settings.
    • We will also check all prongs and settings for wear.
    • A semi-annual inspection will ensure the safety of your gemstones and keep them sparkling.

    Refinishing and Rhodium Finishing

    • Refinishing and rhodium finishing are done in our on-site shop.

    • Refinishing removes the scratches and dents that occur to platinum, silver, and white and yellow gold jewelry during normal wear.
    • Rhodium is one of the six platinum metals; it is used in a plating process that is the final step of finishing white gold jewelry.
    • We only use high-quality German rhodium solutions.
    • Both of these processes return your jewelry to its original luster.

    Gold Buying

    • We purchase gold as well as platinum and silver.
    • We offer payment in the form of a check or credit to your account.
    • Many of our customers use this service when repairing, restyling or custom designing a piece of jewelry. Credit can also be used to buy new jewelry.

    Jewelry Repair

    • Jewelry repair has been one of our key services since our business began as a trade shop in 1905.
    • Pierre Plante, a graduate of The Texas Institute of Jewelry Technology, has an understanding of repair, fabrication and construction that allows him to guide and oversee the repair needs of our customers.
    • Our jeweler, Steve, is skilled in all aspects of repair as well as hand fabrication and computer design. One of his unique skills is decorative hand engraving.
    • We work in gold, platinum and silver, and services range from the simple to the complex.
    • We utilize laser technology and the latest casting methods.      

    Restyling Jewelry

    • Restyling jewelry is done for many reasons. Maybe it’s time for an updated design, or maybe you would like to restyle a piece in remembrance of a loved one.
    • When restyling is done to update the design we take time to discuss your vision and determine the best approach to reset your diamonds and gemstones into a new mounting.
    • When we create a piece in remembrance of a loved one, we want to learn what is important to you. One of our customers, who had lost her husband, wanted a pendant of a heart, broken to symbolize her sadness, and she wanted the pendant to have a rose in the design as remembrance of the ones he often gave her. We used the gold from her husband’s wedding band and forged it by hand into the heart. A pink gold rose and a diamond were added to complete this very personal piece of jewelry.     

    Custom Design

    • Custom design is for the person who wants a piece of jewelry designed and created just for them. Some people know exactly the design they want and enjoy participating in the process, while others have a general idea and want us to work out the details.
    • You can see many examples of our custom designs in the custom area of our website.
    • Custom design can be as simple as modifying a production model or assembling the right components to arrive at the desired design. It can also involve hand forging, casting or utilizing computer-aided design.
    • Whichever methods we use, you will enjoy the high quality workmanship that we are known for.


    • CAD/CAM is cutting-edge design and manufacturing technology.
    • CAD (computer-aided design) is software that designers use to create almost anything that we can imagine.
    • CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) is equipment that converts the design into a wax model.
    • The CAD process also allows us to produce photograph-like representations of the jewelry created.
    • We make use of two CAD systems. Our shop uses a version that allows us to design from the ground up. Once we provide an illustration and the parameters of the design, it is then “built” in CAM. Before we make your piece we can email you pictures of the design or show you a wax model.
    • We use a second system right in the store. It has a library of popular designs that we can modify according to your preferences and budget. The fun part of this system is that you can view your design and turn it around in 3D as well as see it on a hand.  

    Pearl and Bead Restringing

    • The restringing of pearls and beads is available for repairs as well as redesigning your necklaces and bracelets.
    • Pearl strands are easily redesigned to reflect fashion trends. If you have a long or double strand of pearls many options are available. Mothers have made single strands of pearls as gifts for their daughters from their double strands.

    Diamond Cutting & Lapidary Services

    • Diamond cutting is utilized to modernize early diamond cuts such as the “Old Mine Cut”, or to improve the proportions of a diamond to create more sparkle.  Diamonds can also be recut to repair chips or fractures.
    • Lapidary services are available for the repair of colored gemstones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires. The top or crown of a colored gemstone can become abraded; re-polishing will restore the gem to its original beauty.


    • Engraving is available when you wish to personalize or remember a special occasion.
    • We offer machine engraving as well as traditional hand engraving.

    Watch Battery Replacement

    • Watch Battery Replacement is done in our shop, while you wait.

    Watch Repairs 

    • We offer watch repair services ranging from crystal and crown replacement to complete overhauls of the most complex mechanical movements.
    • Our Master Watchmaker has over 30 years of experience and is certified by the Swiss and American AWCI.  He specializes in high-grade and mechanical watches and he maintains his knowledge through manufacturer and industry sponsored course work.
    • He can repair Rolex, Patek Philippe, Omega and most other watch brands.  

    Gift Wrapping

    • Gift Wrapping is complimentary.

    Personal Shopping Service

    • Our personal shopping service can help you find the perfect gift, or just the right piece to wear for your special occasion.
    • Come into the store or call or email us.
    • We’ll ask a few questions, and then make recommendations.
    • We can email you pictures to help you choose.
    • We can gift-wrap and even ship your package for you.
    • Shopping service and gift-wrapping are provided at no charge. There is a fee for shipping.

    Wish Lists

    • Wish lists make gift shopping easy – and you’ll always get just what you want!
    • In-store: have fun browsing and trying on your favorite jewelry, and we’ll keep a record of your Wish List.
    • Whoever comes shopping for you will know just what you were hoping to receive!
    • Online: browse and create a Wish List in our online store. 

    Located just minutes from Fall River, we are located less than ½ hour drive from New Bedford, Dartmouth or Barrington RI. In addition to services, our products include custom designed, one-of-a-kind engagement rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets as well as a variety of vintage jewelry and pieces by Frederic Sage and A. Jaffe.