Welcome to Plante Jewelers

Choosing The Correct Diamond

Welcome to Plante Jewelers

One of a kind jewelers in Swansea, MA

Plante Jewelers is a third-generation jewelry store located in the beautiful town of Swansea, MA, near Fall River. We pride ourselves on treating every customer who comes into our store like family. After all, jewelry isn’t all about shiny metals and gemstones, it’s about art, it’s about beauty, and it’s about your dreams and desires. Our only goal is that you when you walk out of our store, you will do so with a piece that you will love.

We sell a wide variety of beautiful pieces at our jewelry shop in Swansea, including jewelry collections by A. Jaffe and Noam Carver. These pieces range from the fashionable and affordable to the stunningly elegant. Our designer diamond jewelry is especially exquisite. Whatever your heart’s desire, jewelry-wise, you can find it here.

Want something you help create? Our designers love a challenge: bring us your old jewelry and we’ll work with you to craft an exquisite new piece that truly represents you. Or we can create custom, personalized jewelry using your ideas. Either way, when you work with us to create a piece of custom jewelry, it really is all about you.