Fine Jewelry

 When you read about fine jewelry, you often read about craftsmanship, and the value of the gemstones, and the design.

We’re jewelers, so it may sound strange when we tell you that all of that isn’t that important.


Because jewelry is like abstract art. It doesn’t matter who created it. It doesn’t matter what materials were used. It hardly even matters what it looks like.

All that matters is how each piece makes you feel.

Maybe diamonds are more valuable than garnets. Maybe coiled bands of silver are the rage right now. Maybe whiter diamonds are more rare.

It doesn’t matter. What matters is how fondly you remember the person who gave the piece to you, every time you wear it and look at it. What matters is how much time they spent picking it out. Maybe you get a ring that isn’t worth much, but it was given to  you by someone who obviously had to stretch to afford it. Maybe you gave something to yourself to mark a major milestone in your life, something you worked really hard for.

It’s the sentiment behind the jewelry that makes jewelry special.

Fine Jewelry becomes a legacy. It represents a tangible representation of certain relationships. These pieces may be passed down to your children, or passed down from your parents. They are symbols of connection, binding you to a place, or person, or time.

Pieces of fine jewelry also protect you, in a way. When you meet someone, wearing beautiful earrings, beautiful bracelets, or beautiful rings will help you feel that you are elegant, you are beautiful, and you are looking your best.

In truth, fine jewelry is all about your feelings. When you look at a piece of jewelry, you remember how the person who gave it to you made you feel. Or you remember the relationships it represents. Or you remember how, when you stepped into that jewelry store, one unusual gem stood out from all the others and called to you.

That’s why it is so important, when choosing a piece of jewelry, to take your time, and think about how each piece makes you feel. Fine jewelry is meant to be appreciated over a long period of time. It’s meant to serve as a lasting reminder.

Below are some of our favorite pieces by designers. Feel free to delve deep into this collection, and really listen to what your heart is telling you. You might be surprised.     

Pierre and Nancy Plante


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