Gold Jewelry

 Why do we value gold so much? As people, we always have. Some of the oldest gold artifacts ever discovered date back seven millennia. Clearly, this desire and appreciation for gold has been around for about as long as people have.

Ancient cultures used gold and silver coins as currency, of course, and up until the late 20th century our currency in the United States was backed by gold to some extent.

Even today, those who want to invest in a stable, easily liquidated asset invest in gold. It is considered a key benchmark in the global economy.

Why? The answer is actually rather simple, scientific, and unromantic: Of all the elements on the periodic table, only gold and silver have properties that make them useful as currency. To start with, gold and silver are stable, portable, non-toxic, and not flammable. They’re rare enough that you wouldn’t have to make giant coins for them to have any value, but not so rare that the coins would have to be tiny and easy to lose. They’re rather soft compared to other metals, so they’re easy enough to smelt into different shapes. And finally, they aren’t very reactive. Neither of them rust. Silver tarnishes a bit, but gold won’t lose its lustre at all.

So in truth, we love gold because it’s valuable, and it’s valuable because it was practical for ancient people to use it as coins. All of this shows the power gold has in the human psyche as a quintessentially valuable material, but it doesn’t explain why we love it so much.

We love gold because gold is beautiful! And when you think of riches, you think of gold.

If you want to show someone how valuable they are to you, the traditional gifts are of diamonds or gold. If you want to show elegance, status, or fine taste, gold is a sure bet.

Gold was chosen long ago as a representation of worth. It’s also perfect for making beautiful jewelry. Below is our collection of beautiful gold pieces, created by skilled jewelry designers.

-Pierre and Nancy Plante