Plush Purple Sapphire

Plante Jewelers

Yes, sapphires can be purple.  They can be found in every color of the rainbow, actually.  Except red.  When sapphire (the mineral corundum) is red, it's called "ruby".

This perky example of a sapphire is plush purple, in a pleasing pillow shape, known as a cushion.  The sapphire is genuine and earth-mined, with softly-curving sides and corners.  The sapphire weighs 1.58 carats.

This sapphire is an excellent choice for a colorful ring.  Maybe an unexpected engagement ring, or a special anniversary ring.  Or a just-because-I-love-this-sapphire ring.  Set it North-South, as shown, or East-West (horizontal), for a more modern look.

This gem is available for purchase in-store only, and cannot be purchased online.  Please contact us for more details! 


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