Orange Red Spinel From Burma

Plante Jewelers

This vivid gem glows like a red-hot ember in a blazing fire!  Discovered in Burma, this gem is a spinel.  Spinel is a natural gemstone which is featured in the crown jewels of many countries, and has recently become the hot new gem to have!

This spinel has a gorgeous orange red color, with excellent brilliancy.  The spinel is an elongated cushion shape and weighs 1.35 carats.  The spinel has been cut in Burma, in a style known as "native cut", which preserves the color of the gem over all else.  This spinel features a "jardin" of inclusions, making it completely unique.

High karat yellow gold will set this gem on fire!  Spinel has good hardness, and will work well in either a ring or pendant.

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