Oval Padparadscha Sapphire

Plante Jewelers

The rarest color of sapphire is an exquisite orangy-pink hue, known by the name "padparadscha".  Padparadscha (pronounced: pawd-pa-rawd-shaw) refers to the color of a barely-blooming lotus flower, and comes from the Sinhalese language of Sri Lanka.

This padparadscha is divine.  It weighs 1.13 carats, and has been fashioned into an oval shape.  It has a vivid orangy-pink color, and the most amazing sparkle.  The sapphire has been heated and is accompanied by an AGL report.

Consider this sapphire for the centerpiece of a ring to mark an important occasion.  Fancy shaped diamonds, precious platinum, and hand-crafted details would complete the perfect setting for this padparadscha.

This gem is available for purchase in-store only, and cannot be purchased online.  Please contact us for more details! 


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