Ravishing Rubellite

Plante Jewelers

This ravishing rubellite tourmaline will drive you wild with desire!  Drenched in a violet-red hue, this genuine tourmaline has been faceted into a sleek "emerald cut" shape.  Tourmaline has the widest color range of any variety of gemstone, and "rubellite" refers to the species of tourmaline that is found in this beautiful violet-red color.  The tourmaline weighs 2.26ct, and has a lively appearance with amazing color saturation. 

Mount this superb gem in a classic three-stone ring, flanked by round white diamonds, or in a modern style pendant in high karat rose gold.  Have fun designing a one-of-a-kind piece with this gem, or let our designers come up with designs for you to choose from.

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