Buying an engagement ring that she will love

by Pierre Plante March 30, 2016

Buying an engagement ring that she will love

engagement ringPlanning the proposal for your fiancée is one of the most personal and beautiful experiences ever.  You and your loved one will always remember this moment and cherish it. Naturally, the most essential element of the proposal is the engagement ring.

Some pop the question first and then give her the ring. Others propose to her on bended knee, showing her the ring. Others choose the engagement ring together.  The traditional way, however, is to propose to her with the ring. 

To choose the sort of ring you know she will love, you’ll need to be vigilant and observe what kind of jewelry she usually prefers to wear.

Here are the key points which we think will help you choose the most personal and appropriate engagement ring for your future wife.

The center gemstone

This most likely will be a diamond but it could also be a colored gem like sapphire, which is durable and comes in many colors.

  The shape of the gem is one of the most important choices. Round diamonds have the most sparkle, while other shapes like princess cut, oval, pear, or emerald cut have their own special beauty.  

Choosing a diamond can seem like a daunting task. An experienced jeweler, who listens well to your thoughts and questions, can help.  A hands on approach, looking at loose diamonds will give you the most insight on choosing the best diamond.  

The starting point is the Four C’s. These are attributes that affect the appearance and the value of the individual diamond.


Cut refers to the proportions of your diamond, regardless of the shape.   The better the cut, the more dazzling and sparkly your diamond will be.  Well-cut diamonds are rarer and therefore more costly than diamonds that are poorly cut.


This refers to the body tone of the diamond.  The most colorless diamonds are the rarest.  Color grades start with D, which is colorless, and go through the alphabet as the color tone deepens. Some people are more sensitive to color than others. If you can’t see a lot of difference between color grades, you can purchase a diamond with a slightly lower color grade. If your fiancée loves blue, green and stark white colors in her clothing and décor, she will want a whiter diamond, maybe an F or G color.  If she prefers warm colors in her clothing, such as brown, oranges and yellows, she may prefer a warmer color diamond, like  a J or a K color.


This tells us how free of inclusions a diamond is.  Diamonds with fewer imperfections are rarer and therefore more expensive.  Your jeweler can show you how the sparkle of a really well proportioned diamond can help overcome a lower clarity grade.  It is preferable to buy a diamond with inclusions that are not visible to the naked eye and that has excellent cut and color.

Carat weight 

Diamonds are weighed in carats. There are 200mg in one carat. One carat is divided into 100 points each weighing 2mg. A diamond that weighs one half carat and three additional points can be described as weighing 53 points. 

The engagement ring mounting is very important because it sets the style of the ring. Settings can be made of gold, yellow gold, white gold, or rose gold.   Platinum is also a popular choice.  Sterling silver is not usually used for engagement rings because it isn’t as durable as platinum and gold.


This means there is a single gemstone. The shank (the part of the ring that goes around her finger) can be very delicate, or it can be wide and bold.  Engraved details and small diamonds can be added to embellish the shank, or it can be plain and simple.


The center gemstone is surrounded by a ring of smaller diamonds.  If the center is round, the halo can be round or square.  If the center is square, the halo is usually square. This is a very popular look, which has the added advantage of making the center gemstone look bigger!  With a halo style, the shank can be plain or have a row of diamonds down the sides.


An antique look that incorporates details like filigree, milgrain, and engraving. 


Three diamonds in a row. The center can be larger than the sides, or they can all be equal in size. Center diamonds can be set in prongs or in a bezel (a frame of gold or platinum that encircles the diamond). Accent diamonds can be channel set along the shank for a smoother look.  If your fiancée has an active lifestyle, or wears gloves at work, she may want a ring with a smoother feel and a diamond that is set low to her finger.

Here at Plante Jewelers, we understand how critical it is to choose the most meaningful ring for your fiancée.  We are a family-owned business that has been serving couples and their families for decades.  We believe in a long-term relationship with all of our customers, and our staff is friendly and helps you out until you are completely satisfied.  We also design custom jewelry to turn your creative ideas into reality.

Do you have a question about choosing the perfect engagement ring? Please respond in the comments and we can discuss it next time.

Plante Jewelers is a family-owned Jewelry store located in Swansea, Massachusetts. It is owned by Pierre and Nancy Plante.

Pierre Plante
Pierre Plante


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