2018 Fashion Trend: Unique Custom Jewelry

by Nancy Plante January 18, 2018

2018 Fashion Trend: Unique Custom Jewelry

As you jump into the new year, don’t bother waiting for the 2018 fashion trends to pop up. You can start a trend by making your own unique custom jewelry. Start off the year wearing what you like. Wear what’s comfortable for you and what fits your activities. You can nurture your own, personal look that expresses your style, instead of what the magazines and bloggers say you should wear!  

Starting Your 2018 Fashion Trends with Metal Color

Start by choosing a metal color that works best with your own coloring. Some women like how they look in white metals, so silver, white gold, and platinum make beautiful choices for their style. Others feel that yellow gold complements their skin tone. If you’re one of those lucky women who enjoys all metal colors, feel free to use any type of metal. You’ll see that regardless of what’s “in,” wearing what looks best on you is more flattering - and more fun.

Unique Custom Jewelry for a New Year

You can find plenty of opportunities for unique custom jewelry, starting with your jewelry box. Perhaps you have a trinket that you inherited or picked up at an estate sale, and you just haven’t quite figured out what to do with it. String it on a chain and go with what feels like you. Try a delicate chain or a chunky one. You might even try pinning it to your pocketbook or jacket.

Do you want to try a fresh look? Update your jewelry style by trying something new. If you always express yourself with small earrings, maybe it’s time to try out a pair of dangles or hoops for a change. If you always wear short necklaces,  maybe a long necklace will give you that new look you’re longing to express.

You can wear your rings in different ways too. If you like to have a ring on every finger, you can get a new look and feel by wearing just one larger style on one hand. Let it be the star for the day.

Maybe it’s time to stack small rings on one finger. Have you ever worn a ring on your index finger? If not, this might be the time to give it a try.

Do you have a “set” of earrings and a necklace? Break it up by wearing the earrings with a different necklace. Look through your jewelry box to see what earrings you have that go with the necklace from your set. Do you feel daring? Wear two different earrings! That will start a conversation.

Other Ways to Be You!

  • If you have an inherited piece in need of your personal touch, ask a skilled jeweler to change the metal color or update it to your own style. For example, your jeweler can convert a classic strand of pearls into a lighter, more modern  necklace by adding an inch or two of chain between each pearl. Add a clasp that you love, which will bring a smile to your face every time you put it on.
  • Maybe this is the year to have a custom piece of jewelry designed just for you. Instead of looking at dozens of rings, just sit down with a designer to discuss the features you've always wanted. Start from scratch. If you describe your dream pendant to a skilled jeweler, the two of you can work on it together for a one-of-a-kind, custom piece that will be your signature piece.
  • Another way to create unique custom jewelry is to embellish a plain ring or bracelet with hand engraving. There will never be another just like yours!
  • You can express yourself through a motif that you love. Whether you fancy butterflies, circles, or geometric shapes, you can commission a custom brooch or pendant in that design.


          Our custom jewelry designers in Swansea, Massachusetts can help you create a piece that is purely your own. Your fashion is what expresses your passion and self-love, and wearing it this year reminds you and yours how important that is.

          Nancy Plante
          Nancy Plante


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