5 Reasons to Buy Vintage Jewelry

by Nancy Plante April 02, 2018

5 Reasons to Buy Vintage Jewelry

Vintage jewelry pieces are truly unique. Not only are they attention-grabbers, they usually have a story to tell. And they’re more than just beautiful heirloom pieces made with care. Vintage jewelry offers many great benefits that make it worthwhile to go on the hunt.

If you haven’t added some vintage pieces to your jewelry collection yet, you’re missing out. Below we present five reasons to buy vintage jewelry, along with some professional tips to help you enjoy a wonderful vintage jewelry buying experience.

Why Buy Custom Vintage Jewelry?

  1. A piece of history - When you purchase fine vintage jewelry, you essentially own a piece of someone’s past. You simply can’t enjoy that opportunity with brand new jewelry. Perhaps the piece belonged to someone famous, or it was passed down from generation to generation. Pre-owned jewelry also involves handcrafted techniques and materials that don’t even exist anymore.
  1. Eco-friendly - Buying vintage jewelry is a wonderful way to protect the earth. For one, there’s less mining and manufacturing involved with these pieces, resulting in reduced air pollution and use of the earth’s resources. A lot of vintage jewelry boasts precious metals and stones in their natural forms, as they were meant to be worn.
  1. Great quality - There is no doubt that antique jewelry withstands the test of time. Careful craftsmanship results in years of wear that is difficult to match in today’s jewelry. When you purchase vintage pieces, they are in wonderful condition despite being worn before, demonstrating unbeatable quality.
  1. Stylish and trendy - Celebrities love timeless fashion. Fine vintage jewelry is popular among actresses; they regularly flaunt antique engagement rings and brooches on the red carpet. When you wear antique pieces, you are making a fashion statement. The wide variety of vintage styles makes it easy and fun to personalize your style with pieces that not everyone else will be wearing.
  1. More affordable - Vintage and estate jewelry pieces are usually priced lower than comparable contemporary pieces. It's a great way to get a fine piece of jewelry at a good value. Of course, the exceptions are sought-after signed pieces.

How to Buy Fine Vintage Jewelry

Never take a vintage piece’s condition for granted. Inspect the jewelry to make sure that any gemstones are secure, and clasps are functioning. Remember that signs of wear are normal. Be sure to ask if the piece has been checked and repaired.

Ask for the background of the piece. Some vintage jewelry comes with an exciting story, and it’s fun to know the history of eye-catching pieces.

Know how to care for the jewelry to preserve the condition. Store your vintage pieces in separate compartments or zip-lock bags so they don't tangle or scratch each other. Get your custom vintage jewelry professionally cleaned and ask how you can clean them yourself. Refrain from using any dipping solution until you know what it is and if it’s safe.

Plante Jewelers offers a wonderful selection of fine vintage jewelry and redesigned vintage jewelry to match your personal style. If you see a piece you love, don't wait -- part of the thrill of the hunt is that once it's gone, it's gone!


Our custom jewelry designers in Swansea, Massachusetts can help you create a piece that is purely your own. Your fashion is what expresses your passion and self-love, and wearing it this year reminds you and yours how important that is.


Nancy Plante
Nancy Plante


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