Custom Jewelry: Remembering November with a birthstone ring

by Cloud Potential November 09, 2016

Custom Jewelry: Remembering November with a birthstone ring

Priscilla’s original ring was a birthstone ring for November--a gold ring curved like a figure eight set with two gems that the family believed to be topaz--the traditional birthstone of November. “Actually, when we brought it into Plante Jewelers, we found out that they aren’t topaz, they’re yellow sapphires,” she remarks.

The ring originally belonged to Priscilla’s grandmother, and then was passed down to Priscilla’s mother, and then to Priscilla herself. “We’re all November birthdays,” explains Priscilla. Eventually, the redesigned piece of custom jewelry will be passed down to Priscilla’s granddaughter, who was also born in November.

Priscilla received the ring in 1973. “I remember it very well,” she says. “I’d just graduated from nursing school and went out to dinner with my mother and Grandmother.”

“The reason I decided to remake it,” says Priscilla, “is that when my mother died she left me her engagement ring. So I had an extra diamond. Naturally, I thought it would be a good time to re-do my Grandmother’s ring because then I could add the diamond to it. My Grandmother’s birthstones, combined with my mother’s diamond, resulted in a very nice sentimental ring.”

The new ring greatly resembles the old one in shape, but is of white gold, rather than yellow gold, which better suits Priscilla’s style. The two sapphires now flank her Grandmother’s engagement diamond rather than orbiting each other in the center of the ring. Together, the white gold and the diamond provide a much greater contrast with the yellow of the sapphires, emphasizing their vivid color.

“I like the fact that it’s white gold,” Priscilla says, “but what I love most about this ring is that it still reminds me of my Grandmother’s ring, because it has the same shape.”

Priscilla’s original conception of what the ring would be did not differ too much from the end product, but she still looked at six designs created by Plante Jewelers before she approved the finished product. Working with them, according to her, was a pleasure.

“Originally, I heard of Plante Jewelers from one of the women that I work with.” she remembers, “Maybe a year and a half ago I had my engagement ring re-done with my mother’s tear-shaped diamond. They did such a good job with that, I decided to go back to them to get my Grandmother’s ring redone. They were very kind and accommodating.”

“Especially,” she continues, “the communication back and forth was excellent. They always answered e-mails right away and had wonderful ideas. They made me feel like family, not like just another customer. As a matter of fact, next year I’m going to take some of my Grandmother’s other jewelry and have a ring made up for my other granddaughter.”

Overall, Priscilla has been quite happy with her ring, and the way Plante helped honor this legacy of November birthdays. “I wear it every day,” she says. “It was designed specifically so I could wear it all the time. It’s quite comfortable. I love it.

“My granddaughter’s only five, but she’ll eventually get the ring, and she loves it too,” Priscilla adds. “It’s so shiny!”

 Plante Jewelers is a family-owned Jewelry store located in Swansea, Massachusetts. It is owned by Pierre and Nancy Plante.

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