How to Buy Jewelry for the Lady in Your Life

by Nancy Plante December 12, 2017

How to Buy Jewelry for the Lady in Your Life

Plante Jewelers Buying Jewelry for the Lady in Your Life

As Christmas approaches, you may be thinking about buying jewelry for the lady in your life. How can you make sure it will be a gift that she treasures and is proud to wear? First, think carefully about what it will mean to both of you.

Then make sure she knows you notice, appreciate, and respect her tastes and preferences.

How do you envision her using your gift? 

Think about how she would use your gift. Do you want to give her a pair of stud earrings that she will wear every day? Or a gift that she wants to wear for those extra-special occasions?

For daily wear, look for something that goes with her own unique look. It needs to be something that she can live with, regardless of whether she’s rinsing off sticky kids or unexpectedly presenting a certificate of achievement to an employee.

Would you prefer to give her a special piece that she will wear when you go out together, or for significant occasions? If that’s the case, consider a necklace with a diamond pendant - assuming she likes diamonds - or another gem that she obviously prefers.

What kind of jewelry does she wear now?

If she only wears one necklace all the time, that is meaningful to her, she won't want another necklace. Choose a bracelet or earrings instead. If she wears different earrings every day, she’ll appreciate a new pair, as long as they are similar to the ones she tends to wear, in terms of colors, size, and style.

What a woman chooses not only expresses to others how she wants others to perceive her, but it gives her contentment or joy. Show her that you appreciate her well-being and want her to feel comfortable and admired every day. A gift that shows you recognize her daily jewelry choices tells her that you care.

Is yellow or white metal best for her?

Maybe your wife prefers white metal jewelry, leaving the yellow metal pieces in her jewelry box. She has a reason for choosing that color. Select your gift accordingly.

Think about her skin tone. If she has cool skin tones, she might prefer white gold, platinum, or silver. A white gold  pendant, with sparkling white diamonds, for example, would appeal to her.

Warmer skin sets the backdrop for yellow metal jewelry. A pair of yellow gold hoops will shine against her skin. Between the two extremes, she may be comfortable with all kinds of jewelry.

Is her style simple or elaborately detailed?

A woman who uses simple, clean-lined jewelry might appreciate a pendant with a smooth, shiny metal surface. Look for pieces that have an even, polished style or subtle grooves and simple form.

Does she like details and flourishes? Think about a necklace with exciting engravings, filigree settings, fringe, or beads. A vintage-style necklace, for example, with pendant gemstones of varying sizes, milgrain trim, and “openwork” will delight her.

Are you looking for jewelry with or without gemstones?

If you are choosing jewelry with gemstones, don't limit yourself to her birthstone. The colors of your queen’s wardrobe will give you a hint as to the stones that will best fit her tastes and personality. Choose gems that go along with her clothes, and she’ll know that you see only her when she walks into the room.

If you’re looking for something without gemstones, think about an elegant sterling silver necklace. Alternatively, a silver pendant, suspended fromy a complimentary necklace, may turn into her everyday favorite.

Would she like something that grows with your relationship?

One great way to make gift choices simple for years to come is to start an add-on piece, like a charm bracelet. You can give her a bracelet with one charm for her birthday, and add a charm every year thereafter.

Stackable rings, similarly, can multiply with time. Give one this holiday and another one next year. That makes it a tradition. Over the years, stackable rings can become a collection. She can mix and match to fit her whims. Whether you choose a charm bracelet or a ring, you’ll find different themes to fit your partner’s personality and tastes.

Is this the moment to knock her socks off?

Something tells you that it’s time to knock her socks off and surprise her with a big gift, like diamond earrings, when she least expects it. If you’ve never purchased diamonds before, it might seem intimidating, but your jeweler can guide you. You can learn about the four C’s, but it is probably more efficient - and interesting - to talk to a jeweler you trust, who will give you special insights that will help you make the right decision - and delight her as well. 

How traditional is she?

Is she an antique lover? Does she go into flutter mode when she sees anything offbeat, nostalgic, or unique? You might just consider buying her a piece of estate jewelry. Not only will she love the way it looks, but she’ll enjoy the “history” aspect.

An emerald-studded filigree brooch or a cuff bracelet with a mythological relief engraving from the early 20th century could set her mind exploring for the best occasion to wear it. Because its history makes it more than a simple piece of jewelry, for her, it’s a story in which she’s become its newest keeper.


Now that you have an idea of how to buy jewelry for the lady in your life, take some time to make a few observations. She will enjoy the extra attention, and you’ll have material to make your next gift a memorable one.

Nancy Plante
Nancy Plante


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