How to Choose & Buy Loose Gemstones: The Perfect Customizable Present

by Nancy Plante November 24, 2018

How to Choose & Buy Loose Gemstones: The Perfect Customizable Present

The perfect gift for our local customers

Looking for special holiday gifts for someone who has everything? Consider giving your loved one a loose gemstone that he or she can bring into the shop and work with our designers to create the perfect piece. It’s a unique gift idea that will give the wearer pleasure every time it’s worn.

Why a gemstone? Let us count the ways:

  • She has likely never received a loose gemstone before. It will be a complete surprise!
  • It’s a personal and unique gift that she probably wouldn’t purchase on her own.
  • The setting will reflect her personal style and taste.
  • Choosing a setting is something you can do together.
  • In a world of disposable goods, custom jewelry lasts forever.
  • Pieces can be handed down to future generations.
  • A loose gemstone always fits.
  • A customized ring, pendant, or bracelet is a wonderful conversation piece.
  • A gem comes in every color— choose her favorite! Look at her other jewelry for a clue.
  • She can create a piece of jewelry on her own time schedule.
  • She will enjoy the design process.
  • As a gift-giver, there is no pressure in accidentally choosing the wrong style, especially if you follow our tips below:

How to Choose a Gemstone

Choose a gemstone that symbolizes inspiration. If you are giving a gemstone to commemorate a milestone, select a gem that has appropriate meaning, such as an aquamarine that is believed to encourage communication, or a citrine that brings the wearer self-discipline, will power, and optimism.

Birthstones are popular gemstone choices. Give a mother the precious gift of her baby’s birthstone. Many birthstones come in different colors, so you can tailor the specific gem to her taste. You can also choose a birthstone for a significant month. For example, if you met in July, choose a ruby. Or, she may love a ring with both of your birthstones.

Consider the recipient’s lifestyle when choosing the gem. If the person is very active and hands-on, you might prefer to give a diamond or sapphire, because they are hard enough to stand up to daily wear as a ring. Sapphires come in a range of colors, so you are sure to find one that is right.

Think about what matches her beauty, talents, and interests. What colors does she wear? Do you want the gem to match her eyes? Will she be intrigued by the unusual inclusions in a rutilated gemstone, or the flash of color in an opal? Does her love of architecture call for a step-cut gemstone with straight, crisp faceting? In the end, you can’t go wrong by choosing based on her individual tastes along with the beauty of the gem.

Upgrade an engagement ring. This is a wonderful idea if a wife wishes to spruce up her ring and make it more personalized. Some women want to preserve the original style of their engagement ring or add a pop of color with a gemstone. Others might take this opportunity to make a more dramatic change to the style and metal color. Her original diamond can be set into a pendant for her or a family member, into a ring for her right hand, or even into a ring for her husband.

An engagement ring is emotionally significant, and it’s something she will wear every day. So, it’s a great idea to let her decide what she’d like. Surprise her with the new gemstones, and after the holiday, come in together to select the new ring style. This way, she can choose whether to replace her original diamond, use it as a side diamond, or set the new diamond into a right-hand ring.     

How to Present Your Gemstone

How will you present this special gift? Luckily, there are many options. We can provide a gift box to show off the loose gemstone. However, you might want to make a more creative presentation.The tried and true idea of the gem inside a box (and then inside another box) can be fun when the actual gift is so very small—that will be a very tiny box!

You could also choose to include a few pictures in a box to spark ideas for the finished jewelry piece. We will be more than happy to provide pictures of pieces we have made. Or you can cut out magazine photos of jewelry pieces (such as a hand with a ring or a woman wearing a pendant, etc.), line a large box with the picture, and then add a smaller box with the gem inside. She will open the first box and be intrigued to open the smaller gift.

Of course, there’s always the candy box trick. Get a holiday-themed box of chocolates and replace one with the gemstone in its small pouch or box. What a sweet surprise!

How to Buy Your Gemstone

Select the gem that you believe your loved one will adore. Call us at 508-673-0561 to reserve it. When you come into the store to pick it up and pay for it, we will wrap it up beautifully for you. After you have had the pleasure of presenting it to your beloved, the two of you can come back into the store at your convenience and select the perfect mounting for that gem—in whatever form your sweetie wants it: as a necklace, bracelet, ring, or brooch.

Shop our gem collection at Plante Jewelers for beautiful loose gemstones as unique gift ideas—it’s the perfect experience for both of you this holiday season.

And if you don't see exactly what you're looking for on our site, make sure to call. We have new gemstones coming in all the time, or we can find something unusual for you. 

Nancy Plante
Nancy Plante


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