How to Create the Right Custom Jewelry for Your Lifestyle

by Nancy Plante April 25, 2018

How to Create the Right Custom Jewelry for Your Lifestyle

The custom jewelry trend is about personalization and fashion-forwardness. Famous people, including Jennifer Aniston and Beyoncé, are big fans of sporting their handmade bling on the red carpet.

Celebrities aren't the only ones who design custom jewelry. You too can create your own jewelry according to your personal taste and lifestyle.

If you are interested in a piece of custom jewelry, you probably have a reason. Either you can't find the exact look you want, or you have a specific design in mind that you need to have someone create for you. Whatever the reason, keep in mind that custom jewelry design may surprisingly be a more affordable option compared to traditional pre-designed jewelry.

The following guide can help you choose the right gemstone and custom jewelry design to fit you and your lifestyle.

Discovering Your Own Personal Custom Jewelry Style

First, consider how you’ll wear this custom piece. It’s wise to ask yourself some important questions to make sure your custom jewelry is a good fit for your lifestyle. Is it something that you will want to wear every day? This will affect your choice of gemstones, setting style, and overall style as well.

Some aspects to consider:

  • Durability - Gemstones need to be durable. Great loose gemstone choices include diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and others that can stand up to everyday wear. Pearls, opals, and some other gems cannot take daily wear.
  • Setting style - Your gemstones need to be set in a way that is safe and tight. This is especially important if you do any type of labor with your hands. A very unusual tension setting or artsy, delicate setting may catch on things as you go about your day. If a prong gets lifted, you might lose your stones.
  • Overall style - Some styles are not that easy to wear. Certain styles may even annoy you as you wear them. For instance, a very high ring that stands up from your finger, too-big necklaces, or a jingly bracelet that makes noise may not be practical or easy to wear. Avoid jewelry that “wears you.”

Once you have narrowed down your wishes, you can refine your choice.

Tips to Design Your Own Jewelry

Try on as many pieces as you can. It is important to try on jewelry to get a feel for what you are going to have made. See how a piece looks on you and how it feels. It also helps if you can visualize ideas. Ideally, your jewelry should appropriate for different situations - work, school, going out with friends, etc.

Get a professional opinion. If you have a piece of jewelry that is similar in any way to what you are looking for, bring it to your jeweler. Let them see how it looks on you and explain what you like about it.

Analyze your style preferences. Ask yourself some questions to make sure that your jewelry choices fit your style and lifestyle. For instance, when you go out with friends for dinner or dancing, do you wear a cocktail dress, a sexy ensemble, or a softer look? If you could have the bedroom of your dreams, would it be bright and colorful, or calm and serene? The answers can help you narrow down your tastes and overall wishes for your own jewelry design.

Go all-out with jewelry for special occasions. Do you love big, flamboyant rings or show-stopping earrings? For special occasion jewelry, gemstones can be more unusual without the worry of whether they are too hard or delicate. So don’t hold back when you’re designing statement pieces.

Take time to think about things. It’s a big commitment to design your own jewelry, so don't rush into a decision. You might consult with your jeweler, get ideas, and then go home and think it over for a few days. Peruse other jewelry, magazines, and images online to help narrow down the details you want. It’s an important investment, so take as much time as you need.

Remember that most custom jewelry is not returnable. Find out ahead of time. Ask when changes to the design can be made, how much the changes will cost, and at what point in the process you are committed.

After you have an idea of what you are looking for, the next step is choosing a custom jeweler that you can trust to design a piece just for you or for your loved one. Plante Jewelers in Swansea has been a trusted partner in designing custom jewelry since 1905. We can help.

Nancy Plante
Nancy Plante


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