How to Find Out Her Engagement Ring Size - and Other Proposing Tips

by Nancy Plante July 30, 2017

How to Find Out Her Engagement Ring Size - and Other Proposing Tips

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When you are planning to surprise your honey with an engagement ring, there are so many factors to think about. So here’s another one: her finger size. How on earth are you going to find that out?

The most accurate way is, of course, to get her measured by a jeweler. You can enlist the help of one of her friends, who could ask her to stop in together at a jeweler, to shop for her own engagement ring. Or visit the jeweler for any other reason. Then when they are there, they can both get sized.

Or, ask her friend or mother to somehow get your partner to try on their ring. This may not be completely accurate, but it will give you an idea as to whether her finger is bigger or smaller than the friend’s.

Some other time-honored suggestions include secretly “borrowing” one of her rings and taking it to a jeweler. Or, laying the ring on a piece of paper and tracing it carefully around the inside and outside with a pencil. Notice on which finger she wears that ring! Or, press her ring into a bar of soap and bring the soap to the jeweler.

Sometimes guys will put her ring on their own finger and make a mark where it fits, then get that part of their finger sized at the jeweler’s.  

It’s better to guess a bit larger rather than smaller. She can temporarily wear a too-big ring, with string wound around it to make it fit, but it’s disappointing if it’s too small to go on her finger at all. When guessing, keep in mind that a person’s dominant hand is usually a bit bigger than their other hand. If she’s right-handed, a ring she wears on her right hand may be too big for her left hand.

Engagement Ring Tips: You Might Want To Get Creative

After reading all this, are you ready to throw up your hands and give up? No worries -- here are some out-of-the-ordinary ideas to bypass the ring-sizing question entirely:

  • Propose without a ring. Make the moment special, and then go together to choose the perfect ring. This is a good idea if you want a custom-made ring, since most are not returnable.
  • Propose with a loose diamond (or loose gemstone). Your jeweler can provide you with a beautiful box for the gem. Then the ring will be a combination of your choice of the gemstone for her, and your choice together of the mounting.
  • Propose with a different ring. Use a family heirloom, a costume ring, or even a toy ring (that assumes a certain sense of humor). Then choose the “real” ring together.
  • Propose at the jeweler’s. Tell her you’re going out (for lunch, or wherever). Then take her to the jeweler’s and propose right there. You can even alert the store ahead of time, so they can be ready to help you make it even more special. This will make a great story to tell at your future anniversary parties!

Nancy Plante
Nancy Plante


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