One-of-a-Kind custom Bracelets from Swansea

by Nancy Plante June 25, 2016

One-of-a-Kind custom Bracelets from Swansea

custom braceletAt Plante Jewelers in Swansea, MA, our customers love bracelets.  From designer silver creations to locally-made, artsy bead bracelets, to sparkly diamond bracelets, they are a popular item on Wish Lists and for gifts.

It’s interesting to see how jewelry gift-giving has changed in the past few years. Years ago the usual gift was chosen by the giver for the recipient, and selected from stock items in a store. That still happens today, of course, but now there is a lot of interest in having one-of-a-kind jewelry. 

Often this one-of-a-kind piece is chosen by the recipient of the gift, or by both people together. The experience of having something specially made, is part of the gift.

Custom bracelets can use gems you already own

A custom bracelet can be designed around gemstones that the customer already owns. They might be diamonds that were in a mother or grandmother’s ring, significant as a memento of that person. They might be gemstones from various pieces of jewelry that are no longer fashionable or not comfortable to wear. Or, a custom bracelet can be designed using gemstones that are selected and purchased specifically for that bracelet.

The bracelet that is pictured here was made for our customer, using three round brilliant-cut diamonds that she owned. It was hand-assembled using 14K gold. The customer chose a gold snake chain to finish the look. These diamonds are quite large, totaling 2 carats in weight. Smaller diamonds, and diamonds of varying sizes, can also make a beautiful bracelet.

When diamonds or gemstones from several jewelry pieces are to be combined in one, they may vary in size or quality. In a custom bracelet, especially one with sentimental value, matching is not as important as it is in a ready-made bracelet. That being said, it is possible to work the different gems into the design in a pleasing way.

When a customer is working with us to design his or her bracelet, it may become evident that additional gemstones will enhance the finished piece. In that case, we can furnish matching gems, or we can find unusual gemstones that will work beautifully with the ones the customer already owns.

We can work with your budget to create your custom bracelet

Working within a budget is an important aspect of creating a custom bracelet. Often, customers who bring us jewelry to incorporate into a new piece will also bring gold, silver, or platinum jewelry that they no longer wear. The refining value of this precious metal can be applied as a payment toward the new piece, reducing the overall cost. Considering that the gemstones are already owned, the entire project can often be very affordable.

Here at Plante Jewelers, we always keep the customer informed as to prices and can offer different options to allow the project to fit the desired budget.

Then the anticipation begins! Seeing sketches and computer renderings is fun and informative, but nothing compares to the excitement of seeing the finished bracelet! Just as the inherited gemstones were passed to the next generation, this custom-made bracelet will  be cherished and passed on to the next.

Plante Jewelers is a family-owned Jewelry store located in Swansea, Massachusetts. It is owned by Pierre and Nancy Plante.




Nancy Plante
Nancy Plante


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