Redesigning Heirlooms: Making Good Decisions

by Nancy Plante August 19, 2016 1 Comment

Redesigning Heirlooms: Making Good Decisions

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Before: A beautiful ring, and filled with sentimental value - and worn for a number years by the owner because of that sentimental value. But it wasn't really her style. A finger injury that occurred while sailing (which is why the ring had to be cut) sped up the redesign decision, and the owner came to us for help. 

This was originally the engagement ring of her best friend, whom the owner met when she was 37 and her friend was 80. When the friend died, she bequeathed this ring to her younger friend. 

redesigning heirlooms

After: The goals here were to update the design; use rose and white gold; reflect the owner's life as a ocean sailor (this had to be a very "practical" ring, and look nautical); and feature the main diamond, which was really where all the memories of her friend were embodied. After we sent the new ring to her, she told us that she will never forget the moment she saw the ring for the first time and put it on her finger. "It was more beautiful than I imagined it would be, and, best of all, I knew that my friend - who was also a lifelong sailor - would be just as happy with this ring as I am." 

* * * 

You’ve received a beautiful piece of heirloom jewelry from a beloved relative or friend. Even though you love the warm feeling of having the remembrance of someone who is dear to you, the jewelry may not be suited to your personality. Maybe the ring you inherited from your great aunt is yellow gold and you prefer white gold. Or the earrings you received from a dear grandmother are too large for your taste.

You don’t want to just store these precious pieces in your jewelry box or display them on your dresser to be looked upon as a memento. Having the jewelry redesigned is a wonderful option so that you can cherish the memories while having something beautiful to enjoy and wear for years to come.

The first step is to decide what you would like to change about the piece. Do you want to turn it into something entirely different, do you want to update the setting, or simply add more gemstones? For example, you may love the gem in your grandmother’s ring, but you’d like to fashion it into a necklace. Or if you have a pair of earrings with many gems, you could have a bracelet designed. Our team at Plante Jewelers have the knowledge and expertise to help design and create the perfect piece of jewelry just for you.

Redesigning Heirlooms maintains sentimentality with an exciting new look

Redesigning inherited jewelry can be a fun, yet touching experience. While deciding how you would like to change your piece, a memory may come to mind - perhaps the time you were baking cookies with your grandmother and you recall how she carefully placed her rings on the window sill. Before bringing your piece in for redesigning, make sure to take a photo of it so that you can always have a reminder of the original look. Then spend some time thinking about what you’d like your new jewelry to look like. Do you prefer warm or cool colors? Is the style you are looking for more formal or casual? You can also find ideas by looking through magazines (cut some pictures out and bring them with you), or websites (take screen shots or capture the links and bring your laptop).

Redesigning isn’t reserved just for inherited jewelry. Perhaps you have found an incredible piece at an antique store or at an estate sale. Even though the jewelry might not have sentimental value to you, it was once a cherished piece to someone else. Maybe you can imagine that the brooch you found was worn by a woman in the 1920’s; you picture her dancing to a jazz band as the gems twinkled in the moonlight.

Plante Jewelers provides exquisite service when it comes to redesigned antique jewelry. Our designers will brainstorm with you, finding the best way to give the jewelry a new modern look. An old tarnished emerald ring can be transformed into something magnificent. The setting can be updated with sparkling white gold; the stone cleaned and polished so that it gleams in the sunlight again. Perhaps you may even decide to add some tiny diamonds to surround the emerald with even more sparkle.

Many of us have a jewelry box full of older pieces that we no longer wear. Instead of letting jewelry sit unused, you can bring these pieces in to have one of our designers create something new. A collection of unused gold chains, rings and diamond earrings could be fashioned into a beautifully unique cocktail ring. Let your creativity flow and see what possibilities you come up with; then make an appointment with one of our designers and begin creating new memories.

Plante Jewelers is a family-owned Jewelry store located in Swansea, Massachusetts. It is owned by Pierre and Nancy Plante.


Nancy Plante
Nancy Plante


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January 16, 2017

Wonderful new design for her but you know I love your estate pieces so I love the original design!?

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