Your Guide To Finding The Right Ring Size & Getting Your Ring Resized

by Nancy Plante July 27, 2018

Your Guide To Finding The Right Ring Size & Getting Your Ring Resized

Determining the right ring size for you or a loved one is one of the most challenging parts of buying or designing a ring. There are many factors that can slightly change the size of your ring, making it too snug (or maybe even too loose). Some people have heard that a woman’s ring size is the same as her shoe size. This is not simply not true! Whether you are trying to find out your partner’s ring size to propose, or you want to buy a fabulous ring for yourself, getting the accurate ring size is crucial.

In this article, we’ll tell you how to find the right ring size for you or a loved one. If you already have a ring that doesn’t fit, we’ll also tell you how to get it resized so that you can wear it for years to come.

How to Determine Your Ring Size

Before we discuss how to find out the correct size, let’s describe what the perfect ring fit should feel like, specifically an engagement ring. Your engagement ring should be snug enough so that it’s difficult to push over your knuckle, but not tight enough to be uncomfortable. If your ring isn’t tight enough, it may spin around on your finger, especially if it has a heavier gemstone.

It can be difficult to determine your ring size, as there are many factors that contribute to sizing. Before purchasing or resizing your ring, keep the following key factors in mind to ensure that you get the correct ring size:

  • Environment and activity - Temperature, diet, pregnancy, medications, seasons, and activities can all impact the size of your fingers. Talking about your lifestyle with a jewelry consultant can help you choose the correct ring size.
  • Finger shape - The shape of your finger will impact how your ring will fit over a lifetime. Tapered ring fingers widen downward toward the base, which is where the ring will fit tightest. Rings can easily fall off tapered fingers if they slide up, so a tight fit is important. Knotted fingers are where the knuckle is the widest part of the finger, which the ring has to fit over.
  • Band width - Narrow bands tend to run a bit looser, and wider rings typically have a tighter fit. As a general rule, the more metal around your finger, the more space it takes up. This means that a wider ring may need to be sized larger than a narrow one.

When is the Best Time to Measure Your Ring Size?

You want your body temperature to be normal and natural to avoid fingers being swollen. It's best to avoid strenuous activities, extreme weather conditions, drinking hot cocktails, and eating salty foods prior to measuring ring size. The middle of the day at room temperature is the ideal time for an accurate, comfortable fit. If you have swelling and your fingers change in size often, you can visit your jeweler on a few different days to get sized and use an average measurement.

How Can You Measure Your Ring Size at Home?

This is a hit-or-miss way to get a ring size. If you must, there are many size guides available online that feature both diameter and circumference for each ring size. You can also print a guide and place a ring finger ring directly on top of the images to find a matching diameter and ring size that lines up perfectly. However, while both of these methods are useful, the most accurate finger measurements are always taken by a jeweler.

Tips on How to Resize a Ring

Do you have an engagement or wedding band that doesn’t fit anymore? Don’t worry—it’s possible to resize it! If you already have a ring and it no longer fits, the following are key tips to help you get the ring resized:

  • A jeweler can typically adjust a ring up or down two sizes. It all depends on the style of the ring. For example, rings without gemstones can be sized a greater amount.
  • Although a ring can be made smaller or larger, the process differs. To decrease the size of the ring, the jeweler removes a small piece of metal from the bottom. You won’t even be able to tell the ring was cut when the process is finished.
  • Increasing the size of a ring involves a lot more than reducing it. To increase the size of a ring, the jeweler will need to add a piece of metal. If the ring doesn’t have gemstones, it can be stretched a little.
  • Keep in mind that not all rings can be resized. Non-precious metals such as tungsten carbide and titanium cannot be resized. However, rings made with silver, gold, or platinum can be resized. Eternity bands and tension rings will likely need to be redesigned to change the size.
  • The cost of resizing a ring depends on the style, metal type, whether you are sizing up or down, etc. Generally speaking, platinum rings are the most expensive and silver is the least expensive to resize. However, keep in mind that labor accounts for a lot of cost, even on a silver ring. In some cases, sizing a silver ring might cost as much as sizing a gold ring—and if resizing a ring has to be done with a laser, it will cost more. You can ask your jeweler to give you a quote for the cost of the sizing before the work is done.

Get A Customized Fit

Some people have such an enlarged knuckle that it seems impossible to wear a ring. An experienced jeweler can help you get a comfortable fit (with no spinning) by using specialized sizing tools to determine the difference in size between your knuckle and the part of your finger where the ring will be worn. Pierre Plante is an expert in this—we call him “The Lord of the Rings!”

If your knuckle is enlarged, some of the options Pierre may suggest are:

  • Sizing beads. These are small beads of precious metal added into the inside bottom of your ring. The ring will be sized a bit larger than usual to allow it to slide over your knuckle, and the metal beads take up extra space once the ring is on. This can also help stop your ring from spinning.
  • An internal spring. Made of 18K white gold, this is attached inside the ring. It doesn’t show, and compresses slightly when you are sliding the ring on. Then, it springs back to hug your finger, ensuring a snug fit.

Resize a Ring with Cliq Technology

Another option that allows for a more accurate ring sizing is to get a tailored fit with Cliq technology. This type of hinge-and-latch ring technology allows you to wear your precious rings comfortably and without spinning, even if you have enlarged knuckles. You will hear a “click” sound that lets you know your ring is securely closed.

If you want more information about Cliq technology or ring resizing, our jeweler professionals at Plante are happy to discuss. Plante Jewelers in Swansea has been a trusted partner in designing custom jewelry since 1905. Whether you need to find the perfect ring size or resize a ring, we can help.

Nancy Plante
Nancy Plante


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