5 Reasons Why A Pendant Is The Perfect Present!

by Nancy Plante September 22, 2021 2 Comments

5 Reasons Why A Pendant Is The Perfect Present!


Giving a gift should be fun, right? You experience the joy of giving, and the recipient is touched by your thoughtfulness. 

 In fact, gift giving can be stressful. There's pressure to give the best gift, to be in the correct price range, to be not too personal, but not impersonal... to make it memorable, to be on time, to WRAP it. 

Relax! Here's a suggestion for the perfect present: a pendant.




Pendants are available in so many styles, price ranges, and colors. Easy to wear, appropriate for casual days or special occasions,  a pendant adds a delightful focus to any outfit.

Wrapping is a breeze -- we do it all for you!  And you can plan ahead, and keep your gift secret, by putting a pendant on layaway. Choose your present ahead of time, make a deposit, and we will keep it secret and secure in our safe until the day you need it.  Monthly payments can be made in person, by mail or by phone. This year, it's more important than ever to shop early to be sure you get what you want without delays or shortages.

Here are the top 5 reasons why a pendant is the perfect present.

#5  Because there are so many styles and materials and colors in pendants, they are easy to wear. 

Casual, everyday pendants add fun and interest to even jeans and a t-shirt, or make a work outfit look put-together. Sterling silver, beads, and rustic gemstones look pretty without being too formal.   More dressy or precious pendants, whether gold, or gemstone or diamond, add to the anticipation of special evenings and events. In fashion, the "third piece" can take your look from ho-hum to more memorable. The pendant as a third piece gives the most simple outfit -- a top, and pants or a skirt -- a pop of style.

#4  A pendant is versatile because you can change the look by changing the chain to a different style, material, or simply a different length. 

It's fun to try on a pendant with different chains to see how it can add choices to your jewelry wardrobe. A silver pendant looks completely different on a black rubber cord or a delicate silver chain.  You might wear a favorite diamond pendant on a short chain, inside your collar, one day, and switch to a longer chain another time when you are wearing a long open cardigan. 



A diamond pendant that is set in yellow gold can be worn on a yellow gold chain, of course, and it also looks fresh worn on a white gold chain, that brings out the white of the diamonds.

My personal favorite chain is an adjustable one -- a wonderful invention that makes it easy to put together your look. Some adjustable chains have an extra loop, say at 16 and 18 inches -- so you can choose the best length each time you wear it.  Others have a slide that allow you to adjust at any length you choose.  It's like having a whole wardrobe of chains in one!  So often, it's frustrating when your pendant is just a tiny bit too long or short, and can't be worn with a particular neckline. An adjustable chain can solve that problem.

For people who have difficulty managing the clasps, we can help by putting their pendant on a chain that is at least 24 inches long. This can slip easily over the head without opening the clasp. If it's an adjustable chain, you can open it to 24 inches, pop it over your head, and then slide it to the desired length. 

Come in and see us to try on an adjustable chain!

#3  We have pendants to fit any gift-giving budget. 

A simple Celtic pendant in sterling silver, including the chain, is $45.  Silver charms can be put on chains for personal, affordable pendants.





As you know, here at Plante's we love our independent designers, so we have a range of handmade pendants starting under $100. 

If you need a spectacular present, come in and plan a completely hand-fabricated pendant with a one-of-a-kind gemstone. 

#2  A pendant can be a very personal gift when you choose a gemstone, or a symbol or design, that has meaning for the recipient.

Of course, birthstones come to mind when you want a pendant with a personal meaning. These beautiful gemstones can also be varied to suit the color preferences of the wearer -- for example, September's birthstone is sapphire, which is traditionally blue, but also is pink, purple, yellow -- and red, when it is known as ruby.  For October, the birthstone is opal, or tourmaline. Pink tourmaline is the traditional birthstone but since that gem also comes in other colors like green and blue-green, October people can have more choice as to which color they prefer.  If you'd like help with choosing a birthstone, just call us or come in and we can explore the possibilities with you.



Birthstones can also symbolize your relationship -- the month you met, or the month you married -- or, of course, represent your family with all of their birthstones in a single pendant. This kind of family piece can be ordered for you, or you can work with us on a one-of-a-kind design for a custom made pendant.

A religious symbol is a traditional motif for a pendant. Whether simple silver or gold, or embellished with diamonds, this makes a lovely gift.

If your sweetheart loves penguins, or performs in an orchestra, or is a nature lover, or has another interest that is important to her, it could be fun to present her with a pendant that reflects her personality.  This can be as simple as selecting a silver or gold charm and adding a chain. Or, a more complex design can be created and made for you to give her.



Our jeweler, Steve, is a hand engraver. He can add custom details to any design.


Of course, men like to wear pendants too!  Many of our customers wear a pendant that has meaning, that they never take off.  Whether they received it from a parent, or it has spiritual significance, these men treasure their pendants.

Men can also wear a fashion pendant, in gold or silver. We have some medallions in stock that can go on a chain or rubber cord. If you have a guy who has style, come in and see what more unusual pendant we can find for him.




#1  The #1 reason a pendant makes the perfect present is: it's a beautiful, personal gift that will remind the wearer of the one who gave it. Isn't that the perfect present?



Nancy Plante
Nancy Plante


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Nancy Plante
Nancy Plante

October 07, 2021

That sounds like fun, Robin!

Robin Whalen
Robin Whalen

October 06, 2021

Nancy, thank you so much for your most recent blog. You’ve convinced me…my next purchase should decorate my neck!

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