Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 Jewelry Trends That Will Upgrade Your Look

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Fall 2019 and Winter 2020 Jewelry Trends That Will Upgrade Your Look

Emerald Pendant Fall Jewelry Trend

We all follow the same routine: as the first chills of fall arrive, we start packing away our summer clothes and bringing our warm clothing out of storage. But the bright gemstones and textures that so perfectly complement your summer attire might not work as well for the warmer, duskier shades of autumn. Here is where 2019 and 2020 jewelry trends can be the perfect way to round out your seasonal wardrobe!

If you love using jewelry as a way to accentuate your style, the change of seasons is a great opportunity to dive into fall and winter jewelry trends. Just as you trade out your dresses and shorts for pants and sweaters, you can also start changing out your jewelry pieces. 

You might already have a tried-and-true fall jewelry collection that you use, such as statement pieces that match a favorite chunky sweater—but fine jewelry trends change every season, and it’s always nice to have something new. Even if the designs in fashion magazines don’t feel like a good fit for your personal taste, you can take inspiration from them and easily fit your own style. 

The good news is that fall jewelry trends and winter jewelry trends often coincide, so you can easily swap out your summer jewelry for fall and winter once the leaves start to drop. In the sections below, we’ll help you keep your look current with the best fall and winter jewelry trends to follow this year. 

Fall/Winter Jewelry Trend #1: Large Hoops

Hoop earrings are one of the hottest fall jewelry trends, and it’s easy to see why! They can fall anywhere between simple and sturdy to elaborate and colorful, and add a certain bohemian charm to any outfit. 

The versatility of hoop earrings is perhaps the best quality of this fine jewelry trend. Some can be quite large, while others are smaller and more manageable. There are even variations in shapes, ranging from round, oval, and square. The best way to choose the right hoops for you is to try them on to determine the size and shape that best suits your face, neck, and hairstyle. 

If you are worried about large hoops being too heavy, look for hollow hoops or lightweight, simple styles. For better support, choose hoops with posts and friction backs, and use oversized backs to support your earlobe. Your jeweler can give you plastic discs that fit over the post, behind your ear, and under the friction back. These discs will support your earlobe and make the hoops hang better—all while avoiding damage to your earlobe through stretching or pulling. 

Green Stone Jewelry Trends

Fall/Winter Jewelry Trend #2: Green Gems

We have seen so much green jewelry on the runway and at awards shows this fall, and it’s a trend that will continue throughout the winter. There are a few types of green gems that you can use to your advantage when pulling together your favorite fall and winter fine jewelry trends:

  • Emeralds: As a rare and legendary gemstone, emeralds are one of the most popular green gems around. Their rarity can make them costly, and they are often accompanied by diamonds. Choose a yellow, white gold, or platinum setting to ensure that your fall jewelry can last for seasons to come.

  • Malachite: This opaque, banded green stone has been a popular fashion statement since the 1970s—proof that fall jewelry trends are just as cyclical as bell bottom jeans and sleeves! Malachite is often found in fashion jewelry, typically set in silver or made into beads.

  • Garnets: You may think of garnet as a red stone, but did you know that garnets actually come in many different colors? Tsavorite is a garnet variety with a rich, emerald-like green hue. It’s one of the most popular garnet types and was named by Henry Platt, the former chairman of Tiffany & Co.

  • Peridot: This ancient gemstone has Egyptian roots as a favorite of the Pharaohs. Nicknamed “Evening Emerald,” peridot comes in many different shades, ranging from light green to olive-green with a slight yellow tint.

  • Jade: For very pale to deep-green hues, jade is a classic choice. It can be carved to make dangle earrings or pendants, making it ideal for a fine jewelry statement (and conversation) piece.

Twisted Design Jewelry Trend

Fall/Winter Jewelry Trend #3: Twisted Designs

One of the biggest upcoming jewelry trends comes from the actual design and shape of your jewelry. A twisted or curved design gives earrings, rings, cuffs, and necklaces an extra boost of personality and fashion. 

The simplest design in this category is the infinity symbol—a timeless and meaningful figure eight shape that represents limitlessness or eternity. (For the hopeless romantic or the mathematician with a fall birthday, an infinity design on a ring, earrings, or pendant can make a wonderfully relevant gift.)

Hand-forged silver is often shaped into earrings with a dramatic, twisted shape. Don’t be intimidated by the thought of wearing something heavy on your earlobes—these can be lightweight while still carrying a big, bright look as a fall statement piece. Bracelets can also be shaped into curved or twisted designs, giving the appearance of flowing water or ruffles.  

Quatrefoil Jewelry Trend

Fall/Winter Jewelry Trend #4: Quatrefoil Shapes

The quatrefoil shape is always in style, but it’s emerging as a particularly fashionable fine jewelry trend this year. Quatrefoils have four leaves and look similar to clovers. This design is often made with silver, gold, or even diamonds. 

A pavé diamond setting can be used to create a quatrefoil, meaning that the stones are set closely together with no metal showing. (At Plante Jewelers, we like to think of pavé as “paved with diamonds!”) Each of the four diamond sizes can even be varied, creating different sparkle effects in the light. 

Quatrefoils are also part of necklace trends in 2019 and 2020. Long chain necklaces for layering can have stations of open quatrefoils or bezel-set quatrefoil shapes of mother of pearl or gemstones for a unique pop of color. A quatrefoil pendant can be worn on its own or layered with a long necklace—simply choose what works best for your style. 

Fall/Winter Jewelry Trend #5: Dramatic Brooches

Brooches are coming back in 2019 and 2020 in a big way, bringing a touch of vintage style and “retro” appeal. Best of all, brooches are versatile in both design and use. They can add a splash of color with gemstones, sparkle with rhinestones, or add to a classic style with matte designs and neutral tones. 

Some of our favorite ways to use this fine jewelry trend include:

  • As a colorful accent to your favorite fall jacket
  • For a playful addition to your blazer lapels or collar
  • As a decorative way to fasten your scarf

Fall/Winter Jewelry Trend #6: Neo-Parisian

Paris has a long, rich history of being an epicenter for art, culture, and fashion—and jewelry is no exception. Neo-parisian jewelry is one of the biggest trends for fall and winter: think classic 1950s couture with a twist. Ways to wear this French chic style include: 

  • Layers of thin, long gold chains
  • Modern pearl earrings, pendants, and chokers
  • Cameo rings and necklaces
  • Long, delicate tassel earrings

What we love about the Neo-Parisian trend is its versatility. Using this trend means that your fall and winter jewelry can either be subtle or overstated depending on your style. Combine pearls with diamonds for a multi-textured sparkle, or layer multiple delicate gold chains for a simple, elegant look. 

Fall/Winter Jewelry Trend #7: Color Explosion

We always think of summer for bold, beautiful colors—but you can accentuate your fall and winter wardrobe with color, too. Costume jewelry in bright, eye-catching colors always adds a vibrant flair to any outfit, and you can achieve this same effect with natural gemstone jewelry. 

Our favorite picks for colorful gemstones to consider wearing this fall and winter include: 

  • Sapphire—A rich and bold blue sapphire can add a cool, dramatic pop of color to winter sweaters. You can even choose a purple or yellow sapphire for a warmer fall accent.

  • Garnet—This gemstone comes in a rich variety of colors (nearly every color in the rainbow), but you won’t be surprised to hear that our favorite picks for fall and winter are orange, red, and green.

  • Tourmaline—Few colors are as versatile throughout every season as green and blue. While tourmaline comes in a variety of hues, this gemstone truly shines in icy shades of deep bluish green.

Fall/Winter Jewelry Trend #8: Chunky Bracelets

Thick, bold bracelets are a great way to let your unique personality and style shine through. This winter jewelry trend also makes it easy to customize your chunky bracelet into the style and metal that works best for you. Choose something vintage-inspired, such as an oversized chain bracelet, or opt for a cuff made out of your favorite metal. 

You can even wear a cuff bracelet over your sleeve to change the look. An open design lets the color of the fabric show through and adds a unique textural element. 

Tips on How to Update Your Jewelry for Fall and Winter

If you’re still stuck on the best way to refresh your jewelry for fall and winter, don’t panic: there are plenty of ways to keep your fall and winter jewelry collection current and fashionable. See below for some extra tips on using fall jewelry trends in your wardrobe:

  • Instead of a delicate pendant inside your shirt, wear a larger one on a long chain over your top or sweater.

  • Be careful when wearing a scarf or high turtleneck, so you don’t catch an earring on the fabric.

  • Thick sweaters and warmer fabrics go well with chunkier jewelry styles.

  • Yellow gold is becoming more popular, and its warm tone is the perfect complement for fall colors. For some pink hues, rose gold is another great addition to your fall wardrobe.

  • You can still have fun with 2019 and 2020 jewelry trends without a high price tag: vermeil (yellow or rose gold plated over sterling silver) or gold-filled (a thinner gold plating over a base metal) can give the look and shine of yellow or rose gold at a lower price.

Now that you have expert tips and ideas on how to update your fall and winter jewelry, Plante Jewelers is here to help bring your inspiration to life! We offer a wide selection of jewelry, including earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and more. We can even create a customized fall or winter jewelry piece to perfectly match your style. Shop our online collection or visit our store in Swansea to speak with our jewelry design experts today.

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